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Luxebagz.com referred to itself as "the best place for luxury" where "you deserve it spoil yourself," an online shop that sold "the best quality bags on the internet."


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The replica Chanel handbags which were previously at this location for low outlet prices at Luxebagz.com are no longer available here. The replica handbags were determined to be fakes being offered for sale at the former online store by replica and counterfeit traders. Replica online stores are often under the control of mercenary networks of criminal organizations who disregarded laws established for the protection of consumers and holders of intellectual property rights. Risking legal actions, both criminal and civil, the replica traders shun potentially high fines, prosecution, incarceration and civil judgments.

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By usurping the high reputation of CHANEL, replica and counterfeit traders often hope to make large profits via online replica shops, taking advantage of unsuspecting shoppers and owners of registered designs. The handbags were produced and sold without permission from CHANEL. Replica products have absolutely no affiliation with CHANEL. The highest of standards of an authentic CHANEL bag can never be replicated by the replica and counterfeit trade. Only the genuine will adhere to the high luxury standards set by CHANEL.

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Shop History

Luxebagz.com was discovered to be selling replica Chanel on this domain and a lawsuit ensued. As a result, the former Luxebagz.com owner was required to transfer the domain name as a result of a court order to stop the sale of Chanel replicas. The former operators of the previous online replica Chanel shop have also been permanently removed by the court order from conducting business at this website.


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